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Lost Sanity News
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Lostsanity Poem

Our own England maArc- has written a poem in memory of the folded team!

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By England maArc- in Team News on Saturday 23 September @ 20:34
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Lost Sanity Fold

It is in unfortunate circumstances that LS has now folded. Since i28 we all have never really practiced or played together as a team and we feel with people starting Uni it is best that we go our seperate ways. Sad

Moreover, the scene has become saturated with, lets just say, "dodgy" players that quite frankly I cant wait to see at a LAN, although this is doubtful! Tongue

Goodluck to everyone who was in LS I hope they find decent homes!

By Scotland xiphrex in Team News on Thursday 21 September @ 21:27
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Pro-HL League

We have been invited to the CSS League!.

Matches will take place on Sunday nights between the hours of 19:00 - 22:00 GMT. All matches will be held on Pro-HL league servers and will be overseen by a dedicated in-server admin. Seasons will run for 8 weeks with a two-week break between seasons.

There are also some prizes for the winners of the division, with currently a free server for a whole year being the price for the first team to top 2 divisions. More prizes are being added!

By Scotland xiphrex in Team News on Sunday 17 September @ 17:08
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ED Invite Cup 2!

We have been accepted into the second ED Invite Cup!

This cup runs over 4 rounds, takes place once every week and contains a total of 16 clans.

Round 1: de_train
Round 2: de_inferno
Round 3: de_nuke
Round 4: de_cpl_fire

Dissappointingly it does not look like ED:AC will be ready for the start of this cup and may not be used at all for its entire duration. This is very anticlimatic to what ED have hyped up but I personally hope that the bugs can be ironed out quickly so we can all enjoy a little level of security in terms of the nature of the skills involved in our matches! Laughing

Our first game is on Tuesday against Regret. Wish us luck!

By Scotland xiphrex in Team News on Monday 11 September @ 01:50
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SourceJunky i28 Interview!

After coming 3rd @ i28, I finally qualified for a long overdue interview!

Penguin: What were your highlights of the tournament?
Xiphrex: Playing Reason Mix on inferno in the losers bracket with me personally taking 3 man clutch with bomb plant for our first round as terrorists and gazz carrying throughout.

Click here for more!

By Scotland xiphrex in Team News on Monday 28 August @ 23:41
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Lost Sanity place 3rd at i28

At this weekends i28 lan event Lost Sanity were seeded 7th below the likes of PF, UQ, Team- (eom mix) and Reason.mix.

In the group stages we had Clueless.gaming, TPS and v|prodiGies. We won all 3 with ease, not losing more than 10 rounds all together. Our last two matches on the Saturday were elimination games against Newbread.css and elemeno winning both comfortably with no major threat.

Our first match on Sunday was against the i28 winners Audacious on train. We lost this match 12 - 16 (Which was better than zboard Wink) so we were shoved into the lower bracket where we were put up against core5 on contra. We started T's and gave up a little bit towards the end of the half giving them more rounds than they deserved. We then played PF (seeded 6th, above us) on dust2 where we won 16 - 10, with maArc getting 23 kills as ct's Laughing.

The next match was by far the hardest match (apart from Aud). We had to play Reason.mix on de_inferno, a good map for us which we had a lot of practice on before i28. We had an ok CT half winning 8 - 7 going into T half. It looked as if we were going to lose. I personaly thought we were out but all of a sudden gaz rises from SOL mode and starts playing in GOD mode and practically wins the match for us. I should mention xiph's wonderful 3 man clutch with bomb plant to give us our first round as T! Wp mate.

The next game was vs Warning again on inferno, We started T's losing 8 - 7, but next round has CT on lock down, giving them only one round, winning 8 - 1 and putting us into the guaranteed 3rd place spot. For second place we had to play against Audacious again on dust2. We lost the knife round and started as T losing the first half 11 - 4. We only managed to get 5 rounds on CT but it was closer than the score shows.

For our very first lan we did very well only losing to one clan who then went on to win the tournament. As a team we won 500 in prize money. Good game guys it was fun meeting you all and I hope we can do another one soon. Well played!

By England maArc- in Team News on Monday 28 August @ 21:48
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Away to i28!

Tomorrow LS will be participating in the UK's biggest LAN event of the year so far - i28!

The LS i28 team is as follows:

Scotland xiphrex
England maArc-
England Gaz
England Poth
England NeeeeoN

Poth is already at i28 having paid for Early Arrival Service but the rest of us will be arriving tomorrow evening.

The Sponsored CSS 1000 tournament will start on Saturday @ 10pm. We will be at seating area 1F-V1 to V5, so if your going drop by and say hi! I will try to keep the site up to date with any results and information when they occur!

Prize fund for first place is now 2000.

By Scotland xiphrex in Team News on Thursday 24 August @ 20:36
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Steg Joins!

Steven, better known as "Steg" from Audacious, has joined the team! His clutching skills will be a valuable asset in our future participations in the various leagues after i28!

Welcome Scotland Steven! Laughing

By Scotland xiphrex in Team News on Tuesday 22 August @ 22:01
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